Bulk Inventory List Importer

You can add inventory one at a time with the Add My Sales Inventory button. If you want to import inventory in bulk you're in the right place. You have 4 options as shown here:

CSV Spreadsheet

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A comma-separated values (CSV) file is a delimited text file that uses a comma to separate values. A CSV file stores tabular data (numbers and text) in a plain text format. You can export a CSV file from Excel, or any other spreadsheet program.

Google Sheets

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Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet solution that allows you to create and save spreadsheets for free. Our sample sheet can be copied and shared with Conex.com so that we can import your sale inventory.

Your File Format


No time to move data? Need extra help? Our team will take your current spreadsheet, document or the data from your inventory management system and instantly format it for Conex. Get in touch below.

Hi, I'm Ronan Sweeney, the Manager of Relationship Services. I will be helping you import your inventory to the Conex.com trading platform. You can reach me by phone at +1 503-427-8560 or send me a direct message.


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Bob Nilson 20:15 When could you send me the report ?
Ella Wong 20:15 Its almost done. I will be sending it shortly
Bob Nilson 20:15 Alright. Thanks! :)
Ella Wong 20:16 You are most welcome. Sorry for the delay.
Bob Nilson 20:17 No probs. Just take your time :)
Ella Wong 20:40 Alright. I just emailed it to you.
Bob Nilson 20:17 Great! Thanks. Will check it right away.
Ella Wong 20:40 Please let me know if you have any comment.
Bob Nilson 20:17 Sure. I will check and buzz you if anything needs to be corrected.



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